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Baby Arepas Box

Baby Arepas Box | Gluten Free | 3" size
Baby Arepas with Cheese
Traditional Baby Arepas with Two Filling
Vegetarian Baby Arepas with Two Filling
Vegan Baby Arepas with Two Filling

Meat and Poultry

Ready to eat dishes | 30oz

Veggies & Eggs

Ready to eat dishes.

Cheese, Dairy & Sauces

Unique Venezuelan cheeses & house made sauces.

Salad Trays

Half Pan Size (Serves 8).

Sandwich Trays

Half Ciabattas.

Venezuelan Tekes

Fried to perfection (Hot ready to eat)!
Frozen (Pre-cooked to be finish at the oven).

Baked Empanadas & Pastries

Latin Flavors !

Venezuelan Empanadas

Gluten Free Fried Empanadas Criollas.

Churro Fiesta !!!!

Fiesta de churros!